STOR-i Impact Fellowship

On PhD completion, STOR-i students are able to apply for a 1 year post-doctoral Impact Fellowship of which, on average, one will be awarded per cohort. Impact Fellowships, based in STOR-i, are aimed at enhancing STOR-i students’ career development and ensuring the rapid impact of their research.

Applications for these fellowships are assessed against PhD performance and a written research proposal describing how the fellowship will be used to further develop research ideas and achieve impact.



Current Fellowships
Jamie FairbrotherGraph partitioning problems with application to PCI assignment for femtocells
 2015 - 2016
David HofmeyrHigh dimensional machine learning with applications in bio-informatics
 2015 - 2016
Previous Fellowships 

Chris Nemeth

Scalable Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms for Big Data problems

 2014 - 2015