Nikolaos Kourentzes

Department: Management Science
Room: A48a ManSci
Tel: +44 (0)1524 592911
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Nikos is a senior lecturer at the Department of Management Science. His research interests and teaching is in Business Analytics and more specifically in Business Forecasting and Marketing Modelling. He has a degree in Business Management and continued his studies in Operational Research. Because of his background he is particularly interested in bridging the managerial and analytical views of the business world. This is reflected in his current research in business forecasting with application to operations management and supply chain, promotional modelling and hierarchical models. Forecasting is essential in any decision making and as such is an important and interesting research area. Nikos is actively involved in projects and courses run by the Lancaster Centre for Forecasting, bringing innovations and expertise to companies and leading executive training courses for practitioners. As part of his involvement with industry, Nikos has co-authored various packages for analytical software to support research and practice.