Michael Epitropakis

Department: Management Science
Room: A63 ManSci
Tel: +44 (0)1524 595116
Email: Email This Person
Homepage: http://www.lancaster.ac.uk/lums/management-science/people/michail-epitropakis

I am Lecturer in Foundations of Data Science at the Data Science
Institute and the Department of Management Science since September of
2015. I received my PhD from University of Patras, Greece in 2013, and
then spent almost three years as a post-doctoral research assistant and
part-time Lecturer in Computing Science at University of Stirling,
Scotland, working on the Dynamic Adaptive Automated Software Engineering
(DAASE) project.

My research interests mainly lie in designing and analysing intelligent
stochastic search methodologies, known as meta-heuristics or
hyper-heuristics, for solving complex real-life problems. These methods
are interdisciplinary in character, adopting theory and practical
methodologies from various scientific fields such as artificial
intelligence, machine learning, and statistics. My work addresses both
continuous (i.e. global) and discrete (i.e. combinatorial) problems.

Current research focuses on solving optimization problems that lie at
the interface of Operational Research and Computer Science, such us:
- {Meta, Hyper}-heuristics (Evolutionary Computation, Swarm Intelligence
among others.)
- Continuous & discrete/combinatorial Optimization
- Multi-modal and Multi-objective Optimization with search-based algorithms
- Real-world scheduling applications
- Neural networks, and parallel/distributed computations,
- Search-based Software Engineering.