David Leslie

Department: Mathematics and Statistics
Room: B73 PSC
Tel: 01524 593063
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Homepage: http://www.lancaster.ac.uk/fas/maths/people/david-leslie

I am a Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, researching statistical learning. I co-direct a large cross-disciplinary project on decision-making, was part of an award-winning EPSRC/BAE Systems strategic partnership on distributed data and information systems, and currently receive research funding from Google. I supervise several PhD students, almost all of whom have another supervisor from a different discipline, including economics, psychology, and neuroscience. I teach, or have recently taught, courses in probability theory, Bayesian statistics and stochastic processes.

My main research interests are in using probabilistic tools to develop and analyse decision-making processes. I focus on how an agent can make effective decisions when given only noisy and incomplete information about the world. Specifically, I look at real-time artificial decision-making systems, game-theoretical learning processes, and models of human and animal learning. An important application area is in automatic website optimisation.