Matthias Ehrgott

Department: Management Science
Room: A46 ManSci
Tel: 01524 593888
Email: Email This Person

I am Professor in the Department of Management Science. My area of research is in Operations Research, a scientific method to solve decision making problems involving the use of scarce resources. Following an interdisciplinary approach, it employs data analysis, statistics, mathematical modelling, optimisation and computing to assist decision making in organisations, industry, and many sectors of society. Within Operations Research my specific interest and expertise lies in multiobjective optimisation. This area deals with optimisation problems which model decision making problems in which several conflicting goals are pursued at the same time.

With my research I contribute to the theory, methodology and application of multiobjective optimisation. On the theoretical side I am interested in different solution concepts, properties of solution, relationships to single objective optimisation and computational complexity. Methodologically, I develop exact and heuristic algorithms to approximate and represent solutions of multiobjective problems, and in applications I am working on real-world problems arising in transportation systems, transportation scheduling, medicine and
radiation oncology, location planning, and portfolio optimisation.