Peter Jacko

Department: Management Science
Room: B57 ManSci
Tel: +44 (0)1524 594035
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Peter Jacko is Lecturer in the Department of Management Science at Lancaster University Management School, UK. He joined that department in 2013 under the LANCS Initiative. He is also affiliated as External Scientific Member with the BCAM -- Basque Center for Applied Mathematics, Spain, where he was formerly co-leader of the Networks research group. He received his Ph.D. in Business Administration and Quantitative Methods (2009) and D.E.A. in Statistics and Operations Research (2006) from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain. He received his Mgr. (2003) and Bc. (2002) degrees in Mathematics from the Univerzita P.J. Šafárika v Košiciach, Slovakia.

Peter Jacko works at the interface of stochastic operations research and performance evaluation of complex systems and networks. The leading theme of his research activities is modelling and designing tractable and well-performing strategies for efficient use of scarce resources in dynamic and stochastic environments, motivated by real problems arising in business administration such as retail industry and contact centres, and in communications networks such as wireless data networks and the Internet.

His research areas are:

- Stochastic Operations Research, Performance Evaluation, Optimization in Graphs and Networks
- Resource Allocation in Dynamic and Stochastic Systems, Stochastic Scheduling, Bandit Problems
- Markov Decision Processes, Lagrangian Relaxation, Dynamic Programming, Index Policies
- Business Administration: Revenue Management, Financial Risk Management
- Communications Systems: Wireless Data Networks (3G, 4G LTE), Internet (TCP, ICN)