Strategic Academic Partnerships

As a key part of STOR-i internationalisation we have developed major strategic academic partnerships with the         
Naval Postgraduate School (Monterey, US) and Statistics for Innovation (Oslo, Norway). These key cross-disciplinary centres have been selected for their international research reputations and for the degree of alignment of their agendas with that of STOR-i’s. 

Nature of the academic partnerships

The nature of each of these academic partnerships is to

  • foster longer-term collaborative research opportunities between the groups;
  • enable researchers in each organisation to spend extended visits with one another leading to a range of new collaborations between staff directly;
  • provide opportunities for students at the different centres to visit and work with each other;
  • facilitate academics from Naval Postgraduate School and Statistics for Innovation to actively co-supervise STOR-i students, and vice versa; and
  • collaborate on the design and delivery of joint workshops and training events.