10th Mar 2016

STOR-i Talk: Emily Grossman

On Thursday 10th March, Emily Grossman (http://www.emilygrossman.co.uk/) visited STOR-i and gave a talk on Science Communication.

What is Public Engagement and why should we do it?

An interactive brainstorming session to discuss why it is so important to be able to communicate clearly about our work - for us, for the public themselves, and for the good of society. When do we engage with people on a daily basis? When do we engage with a larger audience?What opportunities exist to engage with the general public? Why is this important? What unexpected or creative ways are there of doing this? Is there a difference between Public Engagement and education?

Telling the stories of science 

What makes a good story? In this interactive hands-on workshop, we will explore how we can draw on traditional story-telling skills to get a complex message across to an audience in an engaging and interesting way. They say that a picture paints a thousand words, and that’s equally true for the images we create through words.If we can get an audience to really 'see' what we're trying to explain,they will not only be able to understand it better, but they will also remember it. 

Preparing your content and getting your message clear

Have you ever sat down and written a presentation, learnt it word for word, and delivered it? How much more interesting and engaging is it when we know our material and then simply ‘speak’ to a friend or colleague about it,trusting what will come out of our mouth? We will explore interactive techniques that can be used to generate new spoken content from scratch -“talking the talk into existence". Participants will have the opportunity to practice communicating scientific ideas clearly - minimising the use of jargon and maximising opportunities to use imagery, examples, metaphors and analogies.

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