Testimonials 2015

Below you can read testimonials from the 2015 intern group.

The STOR-i internship was a valuable experience, which allowed me to get a better idea of what a PhD at a Centre for Doctoral Training entails. The whole internship was beautifully structured, and the numerous activities, such as the Problem Solving Days, Friday Forums and the Industry Leadership talk, opened my eyes to the breadth of applications of statistics and the challenges that a person working in industry or academia might face. My project was very enjoyable, and allowed me to experience the interplay between statistics, graph theory and computer science. On top of this, I gained experience in presenting my work and working in a team, which is something I did not have much chance to practise in my undergraduate degree. The STOR-i students and staff were very friendly and helpful, and I would definitely recommend this internship to anyone enjoying statistics and possibly considering doing a PhD!

- Ana Daglis, University of Cambridge.

The STOR-i internship was a really good experience for me. Not only did it give a taste of what PhD life was like in the field of statistics, but it also answered a lot of questions about what the support community surrounding STOR-i is like. It showed me how being a PhD student isn't just restricted to the work you do, but that it is integrated pivotally with the people around and the people you meet as well, and that ultimately you're not alone. The STOR-i programme is fantastic in its ability to connect you with so many other individuals going through the same thing, which makes the whole project far more motivating and exciting. I'm exceptionally glad to have been a part of the internship this summer.

- Lawrence Latter, Lancaster University.

Before taking part in the internship I was seriously considering a PhD after my undergraduate studies, and the eight weeks spent at STOR-i reaffirmed my desire to do a PhD. The internship gave a great insight into what it would be like to study for a PhD, and gave me a chance to work with a group of like-minded people who were in a similar position to me. I really enjoyed learning about an area of statistics that I hadn't studied before, as well as developing skills such as research and coding. STOR-i also showed me that there is a lot more to a PhD than just individual research, with various seminars, presentations and also problem solving days to take part in. The atmosphere at STOR-i was relaxed, the staff and students were all friendly and welcoming, and there was a real sense of community in the department. I would recommend the internship to anyone considering pursuing a PhD.

- Euan McGonigle, University of Glasgow.

The internship was an eye-opening experience into research in Statistics and OR within a Centre for Doctoral Training. The project I undertook gave a real insight into the life of a PhD student, including the challenges and rewards entailed. The internship not only offered me the opportunity to take part in independent research but had a variety of courses which helped to develop our skills in scientific programming and writing. Additionally we had weekly seminars and coffee mornings which helped us to engage with the PhD/MRes students and learn about their areas of interest. Overall, the STOR-i internship has helped me discover my potential in the world of research and also to develop my own interests. I highly recommend this internship for undergraduates who are looking to learn more about undertaking a PhD with opportunities for industry collaboration.

- Daniel Miles, University of Reading.

The STOR-i internship flew by so fast that I can hardly keep track of the number of things we got the opportunity to experience. I came into the first week with a vague understanding of what research actually was, knowing that I was interested in finding out more. Over the summer, I’ve gained new skills; developed a practical understanding of independent research; widened my knowledge of statistics, and had a whole lot of fun. And as much as I’ve benefitted academically, the internship wouldn’t have been nearly as memorable if it wasn’t for the people I met. The STOR-i community is vibrant, lively and a sheer joy to be a part of, even for a short while. Overall, the value of the supervision and support that I’ve received is immeasurable. I’m just so glad to have taken part in such a wonderful programme.

- Srshti Putcha, London School of Economics.

It’s quite hard to believe where eight weeks can take you. Prior to the start of my internship at STOR-i, I was in the process of finding and finalising a postgraduate place in Statistics following my graduation from Cambridge University. By the end of the internship, I was fully written-up member of STOR-i. Yet, given my experiences on the internship, this is hardly surprising. Not only did I feel I had learnt a lot, both about myself as a researcher and about the problem in question, but the entire department was unbelievably friendly, inclusive and engaged, making the choice about my next step barely a choice at all.

I very much appreciated the nature of the internship as an exercise in discovering the format of a PhD at STOR-i, including the opportunity to partake in group problem solving events and other team-building exercises, as well as assisting one another in honing our own efforts at our individual problem. In particular, this opportunity to solve a single problem over a lengthy-ish period of time was one I found very enjoyable and useful. The internship is one I would heartily recommend (with a certain amount of vociferousness) to anyone who thinks they may want to do a PhD – it certainly made my mind up!

- Samuel Tickle, University of Cambridge.

STOR-i provided a supportive, genuine and friendly environment in which to explore the possibility of research being a part of my future. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the internship was having control over where my project headed, with the help and support of excellent supervision.

Being in the department every day for two months has given me a taste of the dynamics of a CDT and how students doing research in different areas bounce ideas off one another. This was something I had not considered about postgraduate study and has incentivised me to look further into CDT options.

This summer has been highly educational and very, very fun. It was a delight to meet and work alongside students from all over the UK and Europe on the internship; I have enjoyed it thoroughly and now feel motivated and prepared for a master’s year with a strong focus on extended project work.

- Zak Varty, Lancaster University.