Testimonials 2014


Below you can read testimonials from the 2014 intern group.

"For me the STOR-i internship was an invaluable experience- it gave me a real insight into a life in research, both in terms of work and the community. I am now certain I wish to do a PhD and have a much clearer idea of what area I want to be involved in in the future. I found my project very interesting and I feel I learned a lot about the frustrations and rewards of doing independent research. I feel that I greatly developed my communication skills and confidence in presenting, something which I have not had much opportunity to do so as part of my undergraduate degree. From the very beginning I felt comfortable at STOR-i, everyone is approachable and there is a friendly atmosphere. In particular, the coffee mornings were a great opportunity to talk to current PhD students, to discuss their work and their path to STOR-i. I very much enjoyed my time on the internship and I would recommend it to anyone considering doing a PhD."
- Anna Maria Barlow, University of Durham

"I approached the STOR-i internship with two years of my degree remaining and unsure whether I wanted to go into industry or academia. The internship was a really good experience for me because I was able to conduct exciting research in a direction which interested me. I learnt a lot in a short space of time about my project area and enjoyed working with my supervisor. In the Friday Forums I also learnt a lot about current work being conducted in STOR. Overall, I'm still not sure which direction I'll move in, but I feel that I got a lot out of the experience."
- Helen Coupland, University of Durham

"A really enjoyable eight weeks. A great opportunity to learn if a PhD in Statistics and Operational research is the right choice for you in a very friendly and supportive network."
- Aaron Lowther, Lancaster University

"I had a great time as a STOR-i 2014 intern: my project was interesting, I met some great people and it really helped me to clarify my ideas for my post-graduation plans. The internship was well structured and it was easy to get to know STOR-i students and find out the likes and dislikes about PhD life. I learnt a lot and felt a valued member of the department from day one - for anyone considering going on to do a PhD, I don't think there could be a better internship experience."
- Rachel Naylor, University of Bath

"Before I started the STOR-i internship, I was thinking about doing a PhD but not sure what exactly it would entail. The chance to spend 8 weeks working on a single project was really rewarding and reassured me that I would enjoy doing research. However, the internship was not just about narrow-mindedly concentrating on our own projects; the weekly forums and group meetings opened my eyes to the breadth of research at STOR-i. On top of this, I acquired valuable new skills through the R and LaTeX courses and gained experience in presenting my work. The STOR-i students and staff were all very friendly and were able to give great advice, as many of them had been in our position not so very long ago. All in all it was an enriching experience, made all the more enjoyable by the fact that it was shared with 10 other like-minded students."
- Emily Olesker, University of Cambridge

"The internship with STOR-i was a fantastic experience. It helped me to see that I am capable of doing research, which was something that I had founding daunting about the prospect of a PhD. It was also a really good opportunity to discover what happens at STOR-i, the different types of research and the environment that is created by the people. The internship is a very valuable experience, and I would recommend it to all who are considering a PhD."
- Luke Rhodes-Leader, Lancaster University

"The STOR-i internship confirmed to me that a PhD would be enjoyable and that it would be nice to do one in a Doctoral Training Centre, as you feel more part of a community. I would recommend the internship to anyone thinking about doing a PhD particularly if you feel a bit lost in terms of what you might like to do it on, and what you are going to do afterwards."
- Matthew Robinson, University of Warwick

"The internship was an enriching and fulfilling experience, which gave a great insight into what doing a PhD is like. I enjoyed interacting with students and staff, as well as participating in the social activities like the Maize Maze and the annual STOR-i ball."
- Luke Whincop, University of Bath