Testimonials 2013


Below you can read testimonials from the 2013 intern group.

"The STOR-i internship was a great experience as it combined getting a real insight into the world of research as well as meeting lots of great people. Working on a single project for eight weeks provided me with plenty of time to get to grips with the details of the project, at the end of which I really felt like I had achieved something. During my time at STOR-i I gained valuable programming experience as well as confidence in reading academic papers. Further, I found the weekly talks by current PhD students a great way to learn about different areas of research and gain insight into what it is like to study for a PhD. Everyone was incredibly helpful and there was a great sense of community within STOR-i and so I would strongly recommend the internship to anyone considering a PhD."

- Jenny August, MASt in Pure Mathematics, University of Cambridge 

"Before completing the internship I was unsure whether or not I wanted to do a PhD, but the experience removed any doubts from my mind. I thoroughly enjoyed devoting a large amount of time to a single project and the opportunity to do new research. The internship also allowed me to learn skills that were very useful for my final year project and that will also be useful for my PhD, such as reading academic papers, using a programming language and giving presentations using LaTeX. The staff and students at STOR-i were all very welcoming and all of the interns got on well, I had a brilliant time. I would definitely recommend the programme to anyone who is considering pursuing a PhD in maths or statistics."
- Tom Berrett, PhD in Statistics, University of Cambridge

"I applied for the STOR-i research internship in hopes of finalizing my decision on whether or not to pursue a PhD. Not only was I not disappointed in that aspect, but I also gained skills proven to be invaluable in later studies and had the privilege to work with some incredible people in a friendly yet productive environment. STOR-i interns are offered the rare opportunity to gain hands-on experience in research and an insight into postgraduate study. In particular, I had to conduct independent research, develop my LaTex skills and create a poster, while at the same time I learned how to work with other people in my field and improve my presentation skills; all of these skills are essential in any mathematics or statistics PhD. And to top it off, thanks to all the wonderful people involved in the program, I had an amazing time! I highly recommend this internship to anyone considering postgraduate studies in mathematics, statistics or operational research."
- Michelle Pinharry, PhD in Pure Mathematics at the University of Minnesota

"Before partaking in the STOR-i programme, the idea of undertaking a PhD or conversing about mathematics with PhD students was immensely daunting. Daily interactions with both staff and students via seminars, project supervision and numerous social events helped give a human face to research and show how it fitted into day-to-day life.  This would have been useful on its own, but, alongside the opportunity to talk over the experiences with fellow interns, it proved invaluable. I believe that not only has the STOR-i programme helped me decide on, and gain, a PhD,  but has given me a head start in both research skills. Completing the STOR-i programme opened up doors, both in research and industry and will remain one of the larger influences on my life. I would highly recommend it to anyone even considering further study."
- Benjamin Pring, PhD in Computer Science, University of Bath

"The STOR-i internship was a fantastic opportunity to appreciate what research involves, and it confirmed for me that I'd like to undertake a PhD. I really enjoyed the internship and found the courses in R and LaTeX very useful for both the internship and my degree. The environment was very welcoming and it was fascinating to learn about the wide range of current research topics at STOR-i. I would definitely recommend this internship to anyone considering a PhD."
- Kathryn Turnbull, MMath Mathematics, University of Durham