Testimonials 2012


Here you can find testimonials from interns from the 2012 cohort.

"A PhD was always a potential career option however I had my reservations. The STOR-i internship eliminated these doubts and I was reassured that a PhD was right for me. I completed the internship in my penultimate academic year and the skills I gained have proven invaluable throughout the remainder of my degree. My favourite part of the internship, besides my project, was spending time with so many fascinating like-minded people. I would recommend the internship to anyone considering a PhD, especially those who have doubts concerning future industrial employability. The internship programme really shows you that STOR-i is much more than just a Centre for Doctoral Training." 
     -    Jamie-Leigh Chapman, now a STOR-i student

"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience on the STOR-i internship. The opportunity to pursue a single project for an extended 8 week period was not one I had been offered before, and it gave me a great insight into what it would be like to study for a PhD in mathematics. The weekly lectures and forums from current PhD and Masters students contributed to broadening my knowledge of the areas of current research in Statistics and Operational Research and helped me to make decisions on the areas that I wanted to study further in my undergraduate course. As well as this, the presentations of our projects at the end of the internship, combined with the taught course in LaTeX, gave me useful experience in presenting mathematical research in different formats.”
    -     William Cook, currently studying BA Mathematics with Physics at the University of Cambridge

"I would recommend a STOR-i internship to anyone thinking about doing a PhD. Working in one area for eight weeks is really rewarding and I felt STOR-i showed me how PhDs can be more relevant to the 'real world' than I had believed. It was really interesting to meet people of all ages who had and were moving between academia and industry. As I continue to study statistics and probability this year it is really valuable to relate it back to the areas that I and others were studying during the internship to see its place in maths. STOR-i also really helped me improve my skills in presenting and coding which has been useful in my degree and hopefully will be even more useful in the future. The social side of the internship was also fantastic. The department was really welcoming and friendly especially in the nerve-wracking first week. I felt like everybody was looking out for us. We also managed to form good bonds between all the interns even going on holiday together towards the end of the eight weeks."
    -     Jo Evans, currently studying BA Mathematics at the University of Cambridge

"Having completed three years of my undergraduate degree in mathematics I was still not sure if I wanted to start a PhD or not. I had been to various seminars in Pure and Applied Mathematics at the University of Birmingham but still could not decide if research was right for me. The STOR-i internship was exactly the kind of program I needed to help me decide. The staff and students were all very welcoming and helpful. The students were particularly helpful as many of them had been in the same position as me. Having the chance to work on a mini research project was such a great insight into research and there was a broad spectrum of seminars, lectures and presentations that made me realise that working towards a PhD is more than working on your own; it is a chance to see what other people are working on and to discuss. STOR-i really helped me to decide that a PhD is the right path for me." 
    -     Matthew Ludkin, now a STOR-i student

"I had been considering research as a potential career for a while, but I wasn’t sure that a PhD could really be for me. I enjoy the idea of using my skills to make a contribution, and have always feared a PhD would be solely academically oriented. The internship was extremely useful, as it showed that research really is a lot more than just sitting at a desk, especially in STOR-i. The programme also provided a set of experiences rarely available to undergraduate students. It allowed me not only to work intensively on a project for eight weeks, which was indeed useful later for my senior honours project in university, but also to get a peek inside the world of research. In fact, the staff were extremely friendly, and made it possible to really feel like you were working with colleagues, with whom it was possible to discuss and interact without feeling intimidated! Finally, sharing the experience with other students all with a common interest but with fairly different backgrounds was a great advantage of the programme and surely made this experience even more enriching."
    -     Elena Zanini, now a STOR-i student