Testimonials 2011


Here you can find testimonials from interns from the 2011 cohort.

"I participated in the internship at the end of my second year, at this point in my studies I was fairly certain I wanted to go on to further study and possibly a PhD but I was unsure about whether to pursue research in pure mathematics or statistics. The two months I spent in the summer at Lancaster convinced me that the latter option would be the best for me. The mix of doing your own work and the other activities such as talks by current PhD students, coffee mornings and problem solving days give you a broad experience of what academia is about. I would recommend the internship to anyone who is curious about a career in Statistics."
     -    Lawrence Bardwell is now a STOR-i student

"The support from not only my supervisor, but everyone involved with STOR-i made the summer such a rewarding two months. I was treated as an equal and not 'just a student' by the academics in the departments, which is such a lovely change from all my previous experiences at undergraduate level. The opportunity to make an academic poster and present my work also proved invaluable, as in my final undergraduate year I used the LaTeX techniques learnt on the internship to create a presentation for my dissertation! The whole group of interns got on so well it was a pleasure to live and work with them. The STOR-i internship has given me the confidence to pursue a PhD and made me realise that I do have the abilities to continue my studies beyond undergraduate level. I would certainly recommend the STOR-i internship to anyone with an interest in Statistics or OR, regardless of your current opinions on your future and taking a PhD."     
    -     Elizabeth Buckingham-Jeffery, currently studying a PhD at the Centre for Doctoral Training of Complexity Science at the University of Warwick

"During the internships I really enjoyed working in depth on a particular problem for a longer period of time, and ultimately has encouraged me to pursue further study in the area of statistics and OR. The skills I developed at STOR-i have helped me in my degree, particularly in my individual project. My presentation skills have been improved by a better a command of LaTeX and beamer through the internships, and by general presenting tips and things I picked up at Lancaster. The computing skills will definitely help me next year as computing is a key aspect of the MSc course that I’m pursuing next."
    -     Tom Facer, currently studying MSc in Operational Research at the University of Edinburgh

"The staff and students at STOR-i are all really friendly and supportive and helped me settle in to individual research and I thoroughly enjoyed researching my project and presenting my work at the end of the internship. STOR-i showed me doing a PhD is more than just hiding in an office behind a pile of books, but an opportunity to work with likeminded peers and to learn new skills from problem solving days and computer courses. I would thoroughly recommend the internship to anyone with an enthusiasm for mathematics or statistics as it gives an insight to different areas in which you can apply a mathematics (or similar) degree as well as developing skills which are transferable in any career not just for doing academic research."
    -    Kaylea Haynes is now a STOR-i student

"I went into my STOR-i internship slightly scared by the concept of spending several weeks exploring a single problem however, with the guidance of my supervisors, I was able to make good progress and discover some very interesting things; but the best part for me was finding new questions to be answered. This, combined with the collaborative side of the internship, left me knowing that research was the path I wanted to take and helped me develop some very useful skills. I had a great time, and I would recommend it to anyone who is curious enough to delve much deeper into statistics than they would ever have chance to in their degree course."
    -    Clive Newstead, currently studying a MA Mathematics at the University of Cambridge

"The experience of working at STOR-i over the summer gave me a valuable insight to the world of postgraduate research whilst still an undergraduate. The courses in LaTeX and R programming languages provided key skills which I not only used throughout the rest of the internship, but also now use in my degree on a daily basis. Importantly, these are skills not necessarily taught as part of all scientific degree courses. Consequently, the internship gave me skills considered desirable at a postgraduate level which I otherwise would not have learnt. What surprised me most about statistics & OR is the range of applications it has in the real world; vastly different from the "statistics" taught in school." 
    -    Robert Stainforth, currently studying a PhD in Experimental Particle Physics at the University of Liverpool

"The STOR-i research internship was a very enjoyable experience. Initially, my project seemed quite challenging; however, the support provided during the internship was very good and so the project turned out to be very interesting and enjoyable. The internship was a great way of getting a taste of postgraduate study, without having to commit to a four year programme. One of the strengths of the internship is that there are other interns to share the experience with, to support each other and to socialise with. Some of the skills I learned during the internship greatly helped me during my final year of undergraduate study, and the whole experience convinced me to apply for postgraduate study."
    -     Ivar Struijker Boudier is now a STOR-i student