Testimonials 2009


Here you can find testimonials from interns from the 2009 cohort

"I overcame many natural fears of working independently and now feel increasingly confident that I could take on the challenge of a PhD. I would recommend the experience to anyone considering postgraduate academia."
     -          Jak Marshall is now a STOR-i student

"I worked on interesting and exciting projects in a supportive and dynamic department. I gained skills such as using statistical software, literature searches, and presentation skills which helped me significantly in my final year and are still being used regularly during my PhD."     
    -          Anna Fowler, now a PhD student at Imperial College, London

"I found the summer research internship a fantastic opportunity to not only experience what academic research was like (and potentially what a PhD could involve) but also meeting staff and other students and having a 'behind the scenes' look at how the department works as a whole. At the time I agreed to the internship I was unsure if I wanted to continue further study. This definitely helped make my decision and was one of the main reasons for me applying for Masters courses this year.“    
    -          Daniel Suen is now a STOR-i student

“I learned how to manage my time much more efficiently when working independently, and overcoming problems and issues in my work was very rewarding! My supervisor and other members of the department that helped me were supportive at all times, and offered me much encouragement. I'd definitely recommend the research internships to others!”    
     -         Erin Mitchell, now a STOR-i associated PhD student at Lancaster University